The vulpafaŭkangulo is a the route by which the AFK climbs into the high mountains. It is a steeply graded piece of line which requires heavy trains to either take on a banker or to be piloted.
The lido at Varden lies next to the line and provides tourist traffic during the summer months.
The lido has developed a little since the previous photo was taken. A heavy freight is piloted up the bank. This is mandatory for trains including SG transporters in the consist.
The Vardenamero also offers rowing in the summer whilst the card place occupier in the background shows where the ski lift will go.
The station has a wood loading siding behind the platform.
Once past the station the line enters the Aepto gorge heading towards a tunnel.
This view, taken from water level, shows a railcar about to enter the tunnel. More vegetation is needed!
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