Urteno plan
Urteno was conceived as a counterbalance to Lacono, offering a second important community near the mid point of the line and allowing the operation of a shuttle service between the two centres. The main medical facilities of the province are to be found here, at the University hospital and the town is also a spa town. Furniture and perfume are listed amongst the outward bound traffics whilst the train ferry on the Spegulalaguno sees heavy traffic into and out of the brewery at Karamspur.

This station is another example of an attempt to squeeze a quart into a pint pot. Realistically much more space would be needed to do justice to the traffics envisaged and the complexity of the pointwork reflects the attempt to use the little space available. The decision to include a bascule bridge over the ribbon lake, questionable in itself, impinges upon operations as the resulting loops are too short to handle long trains. The two sidings on the north east (bottom right) of the layout were late additions to cope with wagon overflows caused the steep Vulpafaŭkanagulo gradient. This restricts train loads necessitating the use of a banking engine and  begins straight off the platform ends.

Originally the plan had been to bank trains along the flat section to between Lacono and Urteno to simulate a steep gradient. As layout building progressed it was found that there was no need for imagination as the climb onto the upper level materialised. In the normal course of events heavy trains are banked or piloted up the hill without too many difficulties provided that care is taken. Without DCC it is necessary to try to match the two engines' running speeds to avoid mishaps and the banker/pilot despatched from Aspargo shed at Lacono has to be thoughtfully selected.

Given that many shuttle trains terminate here and that the station acts as the 'short' terminus for trains from Relforka along with the switching of postal vans and the Pullman from the express a lot is asked of the restricted track layout.  It is easy to tie things into knots unless forethought is applied.
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