Urteno is a spa town on the shore of the Spegunalaguno. Once again this area of the layout awaits development.
The railway enters the scene from a tunnel which immediately leads to a lifting bridge over the Spegulalaguno.
With the bridge in the foreground the position of the ferry is clear, although it is little more than a wooden plank at the moment,
The station building will be rather ornate, as might be expected in a spa town. Here the first stage of the shell has been cut out. It is based on the French colonial design used at Dalat in Vietnam.
The cardboard cut out (lettered for elsewhere!) that previously held the place for the station stands at the left as this view looks northward toiwards the road bridge which crosses the station.
This is another view looking towards the road bridge with the day's banker standing in the foreground
The railway leaves the scene underneath the newly constructed by-pass. The sidings are level but the mainline has begun its steep climb immediately off the platform end.
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