Solution to Jakarutu, bucolic remoteness in the back of beyond. Scroll down.
Train 3661 runs across the high moorlands of the Gyorsmorabu (Marrongacan) or Tegmentadelamondo (Thalnian).
Arrival is on time at 12.00.
Uncouple the engine...
.....pull into the shed and then go to the water tank.....
....and take water. 12.12.
Run forward and attach chain to the train. 12.21
Pull the train down the main then detach the chain (12.27) before coupling onto the train. 12.33
Take the train into loop and push the wagons past the siding before detaching them 12.39.
Back the loco and brake onto the wagons in the siding. 12.44.
Pull the wagons out of the siding and couple onto the newly arrived ones. 12.50.
Put the newly arrived wagons into the siding. 12.56
The train is now ready to depart at 12.59. There is no need to run into a platform as on the British NG. Comtimental  NG trains leave from the most convenient spot.
Make sure that the crew have added the tail lamp and then ring Ithilarak to tell them that the train is on the way. Go and enjoy your lunch! Remember that you have to be back at the station for the final train of the day and to complete the paperwork!
It looks like  a nice easy number. Make the most of it whilst you can. Your career on the AFK is  almost bound to throw up something  worse!