A photographic journey along the mainline of the AFK

This section takes an imaginary journey along the line.  

Because the layout is so large the journey has been split into a number of subsections. This allows you to skip any parts of the layout that do not interest you or to go straight to any section that you wish if you are returning to the site.

Each subsection is linked to the following and preceding sections so that there is no need to return to this page once you have begun to look at the photos.
Relforka Lacono
The junction with the national system.
Breco de Glissent
An agricultural village.
The journey along the agricultural valley bottom.
An agricultural village.
The provincial capital of Marrongaco.
Carramassco Gorge
The line enters the mountains.
A spa town situated on a lake shore.
The steep climb into the higher mountains.
The junction for the rack branch.
The journey across the alpine highlands.
Ospicio d'Helcaraxe
A remote station close to the summit of the line.
A small village modelled in the depths of winter.
The journey ends in the anciaent Roman capital.
Jakarutu branch
A journey across the high moors on the rack branch.
Eromarbordo branch
The ancient sea port of Eromarbordo.