Ospicio d'Helcaraxë & Caladonno plans
Ospicio is a remote station simply built for operational purposes in the high alpine pastures. It is situated not quite at the summit of the line but sees the end of the steep climbing. A quarry serves a loading bank with a portable NG system and the area is used by the military in the summer for training purposes. The transhumance agricultural system sees animals transported to the high pasture in Spring and removed in Autumn. In winter the station slumbers under high snow drifts and is the point where the ploughs turn before returning to their base stations.

The layout incorporates a running loop and two goods loops at the front, the railway once again dominating the scene. The only real decision was whether to place the station buildings at the front or back of the layout and in the end it was decided that the arrangement shown would offer fewer problems in creating a credible scene.

The section at the right was originally earmarked for a possible floor to ceiling scene in front of the high mountains. This scheme was quickly abandoned as it became apparent that there was insufficient space to render it sensibly. The snow scene still has a curved viaduct but it unexpectedly gained a loop when it became obvious that restrictions at Fenditavalat prevented acceptance of a full length train. Trains leave excess wagons here and return to retrieve these a short time later, when required.

A cassette is also incorporated into the design to act as an upper fiddleyard for the layout. This plugs into Caladoono and rests on the village church tower.

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