Ospicio d'Helcaraxë

The Helcaraxë is a pass between the Ero river basin and that of the Orbon, which flows northwards. This is an area of sub-Arctic tundra lying just below the snowline. The layout portrays the region in Spring as the snows begin to melt. Once again the narrowness of the upper shelf will place much reliance upon the painted background, whenever it is finished.
The line enters the scene via a snowshed which still holds the remains of high drifts as the snow melts. The signal is known as the 'Star of Bethlehem', a direct plagiarism from its counterpart at Blea Moor on the S&C, as it marks the end of the collar work for the engine. The holes prevent the wind from blowing the signal into the 'off' position.
Two birds scrap over a fish on the melting ice under the bridge.
The rest of the station is currently largely undeveloped.
It is intended to install a tramway from a mine along the pencil line. The buses serve the adjacent valleys in the summer and the AFK's cardboard garage can be seen in the background.
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