The main motivation in building the layout was that it should host complex operating sessions, with other considerations being subservient to this overriding interest.

This section of the website therefore concentrates upon the operation of the layout.

The current operating session is easily available for access and effectively documents the day to day operation of the railway.

Previous operating sessions have been archived.

The factors underpinning the whole structure of the layout's operational techniques are examined in detail in the section about operational considerations. This section analyses how the protoype NG systems were equipped and operated and how the AFK attempts to emulate this.

Finally, to conclude the section a series of everday shunting puzzles have been included to test your mettle against the AFK's crews. There is no guarantee that they are infallible so you might prove to be better than these seasoned professionals. I am sure that Jasmond would welcome prospective job applications!

Current session
Current session
The current operating session.
Operating Sessions
Previous sessions that have finished.
Operation  articles
An in-depth analysis of the factors underpinning the AFK's operating sessions.
Shunting puzzles
A series of puzzles to allow some insight into operating problems
Only one for now!
Public Timetable
The AFK's public timetable