Operating Sessions

The main objective in building the layout was to run intensive operating sessions.

These resemble typical American practice in that 'car cards' are used for each vehicle to simulate a load. Unlike US systems these are not self perpetuating but are based on probabilitiy tables and the multi-sided dice that wargamers use.

Each session takes place on a specific date which is reflected in the traffic offered and the number of additional trains that are required to cope with it.  The pages can be accessed by pressing the buttons below.
Operating Session 1
Monday 1st December. A comprehensive overview of a typical session with 236 photos. This was the first session recorded consequently it shows operations in great detail
Operating Session 2
Friday 19th december. Strengthened passenger trains and extra Postal traffic. Also the threat of snow.
Operating Session 3
Wednesday 15th January.   A typically cold bright clear winter's day in the mountains. The sugar beet rush is in full swing at Boursson. 
Operating Session 4
Thursday 23rd January. A 'typical' day without any extra traffic demands, although the mountainous sections of the line suffer snowfalls.
Operating Session 5
Monday 3rd February, Heavy snowfall in the mountains. Tobogganning and ice hockey call for extra and augmented trains.                     Current session