Welcome to the fourth recorded operating session.

This takes place on

The weather forercast is 

Today is the height of the winter sports season and two special events are taking place .
Varden is hosting an international toboggan championship.
Caladonno is the site of the Altonia pond hockey cup.
Pond hockey is the ice hockey equivalent of a kick around with  piles of sweaters for goalposts!
​Passenger trains will be strengthened and some specials may run.

There are a couple of innovations that I hope to use whist presenting this session. Hopefully I can work out the complexiities of the website construction package to keep these running! 

One is to clearly mark where each new batch of photos has been posted so that you do not have to spend too much time scrolling through previous posts. Simply press the "Go to new photos" section of the menu button below.

The other is to include a layout diagram so that it is clear where the photos have been taken on the layout.

As a reminder to regular readers and an introduction to newcomers the system map is diagramatically shown below.

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