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It is difficult to create a website that pleases all users. As a result the site has been divided into different sections although some material is included in more than one place where this is sensible. Just press the button to access the area that you wish to visit.

If you simply want to look at pictures of the layout without becoming embroiled in the details go to the Photos section. This has been arranged into sections so that a journey can be made along the line if that is your wish. A more detailed written account of such a journey can be found by going to the Articles section, which also offers the background setting for the layout. The Modelling section looks at aspects of construction and design whilst the Maps & Plans section shows individual station layouts and the overall layout design.
Given the size of the layout it is an unfortunate fact of life that many locations are still incomplete despite years of work. Photographs of these areas have been used so that an impression can be gained of how the finished scenes might look. I appreciate that this rather bland statement disguises a lot of problems and it is my intention to update the photos as work progresses. Just don't hold your breath about revisiting the site looking for updates within the near future!
A selection of photographs with brief captions.
A series of essays written as though the AFK actually existed in the real world.
Essays about modelling.
Maps & Plans
A quick look at the actual and envisaged settings of the layout.
Operating the layout

How the layout is run (including the current operating session and archived sessions).
Shunting shenanigans
A series of shunting problems
Public Timetable
The AFK public timetable
A portable layout that bangs the drum for the AFK