Lacono Cittavecchia plan
Original proposal
 As built

As the current provincial capital Lacono is a major traffic source for the AFK's and its operational headquarters. Confectionery, carpets and agricultural machinery factories are all rail served, with many other industries using the goods shed and sidings to send their products out. Coal for the gas works, oil and bulk cement are also handled. A racing stable also regularly sends racehorses out as well.

There was some doubt during the initial stages of the layout's design as to quite how much space would be available for the station. The initial layout was therefore viewed as a notional guide only and the as built layout was expanded to fill the available space. One recent alteration has been the replacement of the three way point at the southern tunnel mouth by two conventional turnouts as, despite numerous rebuilds, it proved impossible to obtain reliability due to the geometry of the original.

Goods traffic is separated from the passenger traffic in the built design with a small marshalling area being incorporated on the south east side of the layout (bottom left). The short siding alongside the cutting was included to allow the unloading of oil and cement, via a culvert under the road, to the supposed industries off the front of the layout. The gasworks is similarly serviced at night by a removable conveyor that crosses the road. The goods shed and its adjacent siding deal with general traffic but if space permitted a couple of sidings arcing behind the shed, roughly through where the station name is printed would be of great benefit. It is also obvious that all the wagons placed in the goods shed siding cannot be placed alongside the platform for unloading but this shortcoming is overlooked in practice.

The loco shed was relegated off scene, served by a tunnel, and was originally a small stub ended siding acting as a fiddle yard. Those with long memories, or a good collection of Narrow Lines, will remember that a wall to ceiling mountainside was originally mooted for the space to the bottom left of Lacono. When it became apparent that this would not materialise the space left was reclaimed and a small sub shed was built. This still in effect acts as a fiddle yard for locos and carriage stock.

The factories are served from the main passenger station with two spurs crossing the road. Once again these form visible staging, although one of these is blocked at certain times of the day as it also serves the city's Post Office. This is served by three vans per day following predetermined circuits to deal with the correspondence generated by the University of Marronĝaco between its three sites. The original plan to include industries alongside the station buildings was shelved, as it was felt that this would be too unrealistic, and a dock for cattle and horses was placed there instead. The cattle are driven to the slaughterhouse upon their arrival. The signal cabin, the only independent box on the system (rather than being incorporated into the station buildings) could only be accommodated by building an over the tracks structure.

On the whole the layout is characterised by complex pointwork and a lot of cheats. These are an evil necessity for the volume of traffic handled in the space available.
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