Lacono Cittavecchia

Lacono is the capital of Marronĝaco province but, with a population of only 12,000, it is a small city by the standards prevailing elsewhere in Europe. From the layout's point of view it is the main station on the layout and is equipped with a loco shed and a small marshalling yard. Although the basic outline is sketched in there is much work to be done to bring the station to completion.
The complexity of the station's layout is apparent here. The mainline enters from the right hand tunnel whist that at the left leads to the loco shed. Persistent problems with the three way point on the mainline recently led to a change in the formation to give more reliability.
The view looking from the buildings above the southern entrance emphasises the cramped nature of the layout. A freight, including SG wagons, waits to leave for Relforka as the pilot stands on the mainline. This is the only station with a separate signal box and all the signals are colour lights.
Diesel 424 is the pilot here as it shuffles a bogie SG tanker around the yard. Once again the colour light signals are apparent.
The CoCo diesel, based on an East German prototype converted from a SG loco, pulls a freight train into the yard alongside the train shed of the passenger station.
This view of the northern end of the station shows the pilot marshalling stock, including a Post Office van, under the roof. The trolleybuses wait to the right, although they have now been replaced with scale versions rather than 1:50 models.
This overview from the north shows how the passenger facilities are divided from the freight traffic. The red building at the right is the main Post Office and the trolleybus wires can be seen above the Karushnastrato, one of the main streets.
Aspargo is the loco depot in the city. These early views of it  show that it is simply three sidings with a carriage siding alongside. In fact, as in many other areas of the layout, it is a cheat, because the area is used as a scenicked fiddle yard to put stock onto the siding and locos into the shed as required.
Although some development has taken place since these early photos were taken much work remains to be done here. At least the three locos were complete.
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