The Kasatritikakamparoj

The Kasatritikakamparoj means 'the hidden wheat fields' and is an agricultural area set on a glacial lakebed. This is long section of single line running around three sides of the room offering plenty of scope for trains to run through the countryside before reaching the next station. Four halts are found on this stretch, although only Sojonno has a siding.
To give a sense of continuity the hoppers standing at Breĉo de Glissent are seen at the left. The railway crosses the Ero river by the fortified bridge. This is a photo of the area under construction. The plastic shield was added after I demolished the tower's roof for the third time!
The scenery has been completed now and the line has left the road to run along an embankment between fields of maize.
A farm worker trudges between the fields. This crossing has now become the site of Rhoenna, a conditional halt used by school trains.
The local freight runs through some of the fields that give the area its name....
.... before reaching Abateĵo de Narrasson. Part of the Cistercian Abbey can  be seen on the backscene. The exit will eventually be hidden behind a station building. The need for a hidden section is mandated by the decision to bring the upper deck downwards to accommodate a waterfall scene at Ithilarak. The agricultural repair  station is just visible to the left where....
.....the Abbey's lay brothers repair a combine as the harvest season approaches.

The line emerges from the village street at Sojonno where there is a jam factory and siding (just visible at the right)....
.... before crossing an embankment over a valley.
The line then enters a cutting surrounded by orchards. This cutting is a notoriously wet area despite the culvert (not visible) that runs along the near side and the track is choked with weeds.
Lamassco is another conditional halt with the sign attached to a nearby farm building.
The curate does his rounds as a peasant washes her clothes in the stream.
The local freight leaves Boursson and crosses the drop leaf across the door of the room. The station's home and distant are visible to the left.
More trees have grown since the last photo was taken. The railcar crosses a country lane with Boursson Co-op silos visible in the background.
Once the train passes the farmer can resume his journey.
Breco de Glissent
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