The Jakarutu branch.

The branch line into the wilds of the Győrsmorabŭ (Mar) or Tegmentadelamondo (Thal) relies upon the Strub rack to surmount the steep gradients. The branch itself is one of the few parts of the layout to be completed at the moment.
The branch train waits to leave Ithilarak, the junction with the main line. This is incomplete but, as can be seen, the line will leave by the right hand arch underneath the avalanche shelter.
The line reappears in a small wooded area where deer are grazing.
The train continues its climb out of woods and onto the moor.
Unfortunately space constraints have meant that the line is on a tangent. Had it been possible I would have preferred some sweeping curves.
As the train nears the top of the rack the skyline has been dropped to help create an impression of height.
The top of the rack needed careful attention to make sure that the drive wheel did not come away from the rack.
The shepherd watches his flock on the moor. In the foreground the walkers' path begins its descent.
Győrsmorabŭ halt stands in the middle of the moor beside the oil loading point.
Trains casually stop on the crossing with the moorland road. The snow poles are apparent in the foreground.
Because it is at eyelevel it is difficult to obtain a view of the tarn without standing on a chair.
The rack fitted railcar enters the station from beneath a crumbling bastion of the town defences. The railcar sometimes substitutes for the steam services.
Journey's end. The mixed train enters the station.
This view, taken from the battlements, shows just how compact the station is. On rare occasions it has been detached from the layout and taken to exhibitions but it does not offer much scope for a long day's operations.
The combined station and loco shed was based on a similar structure at Brassac.
The loop is so short that shunting requires the use of a chain. The home made centre coupling system allows the chain to be easily attached.
Two teenagers flirt whilst the branch engine trundles around the yard.
Coaling up at a remote outpost. The facilities are primitive and rely on muscle power.
The ganger prepares for another day out on the moor.
Waiting to descend to civilisation.
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