Ithilarak plan
The track plan was built as illustrated but the double slip has recently been removed with access to the colliery provided from the loop.

Ithilarak is at the top of the Vulpafaŭkangulo  consequently it sees the removal of the banker from heavy trains. The rack branch runs in from the south parallel to the main line through the avalanche shelter. An exchange siding is provided for the branch although it often holds wagons from the colliery as well as those shed from trains which are above the brake limits for descending trains. Urteno's banker frequently deals with these wagons as it is authorised by the rule book to take a maximum of 80 tons down the hill without a crew van being attached. There are, however, restrictions placed on the working of the steep intermediate siding at Varden which can complicate matters.

The layout comprises the mainline and a passing loop with the goods loop in its usual place next to the station building, although it is short. The exchange siding is shoehorned in by two diamond crossings with the siding into the wood yard descending on a steep grade. In contrast that to the colliery rises steeply in the background. The colliery is actually presumed to be on a hillside at some remove and the facilities, when built, will be a loading hopper fed by an aerial tramway, as was once common in many parts of Britain. Layouts on the upper level have been restricted by the need to access the levels below and also in attempt to keep weight to a minimum. A decision was made, however to incorporate a viaduct and a waterfall to emphasise the ruggedness of the upland scenery. This was achieved by dropping the scenery in front of the lower running line which passes just behind the waterfall. As in many other places the station is reliant upon the backscene to convey the atmosphere as the railway occupies all the space available.
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