Ithilarak stands at the top of the Vulpafaukangulo and is the junction for the rack branch into the Tegmentadelamondo. There is an exchange siding for the branch, a goods loop and a siding to a coal loading bunker fed by a ropeway from a mine on the hillside. A wood siding completes the facilities.
This is still a largely undeveloped area of the layout.
The line leaves the upper tunnel mouth and runs towards an avalanche shelter. It is intended that a waterfall will drop behind the train.
The train exits the avalanche shelter to enter the station.
The background has been roughed in although the village as painted is likely to be discarded in the final version. The whole scene relies upon the background for its context.
The colliery siding is visible running along the steep rock wall in the background....
..... whilst the wood siding occupies the foreground.
The line will cross a viaduct, roughed out in cardboard, before entering a tunnel. The signals are German pre WWI types.
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