Fenditavalat plan
Fenditavalat is the terminus of the AFK and is set within the town walls. A dairy, glove and blanket factories and a liqueur store provide traffic.

For many years the AFK simply consisted of Fenditavalat (Mark I). This was a simple terminus to fiddleyard plank which moved around the country between my parent's home and various University 'digs'. When, eventually, the track rusted beyond revival questions were asked about the next project. Having enjoyed 15 years operation and built up a nucleus of stock I decided to stay with the AFK but to resite the station to the riverbank at the foot of the town and to include the CFS, a three phase electric line serving the adjacent canton. Work had actually begun on this scheme before I reconsidered and decided that, as the previous layout had served well I might as well follow the basic plan. The layout here is therefore an augmented Mark II version of the original. This is reflected in that the track enters the scene at the halfway point with the track behind the buildings originally acting as a fiddle yard because the layout had to fit a similar footprint to the original. Once the new railway room was built the enlarged trains could not fit into the loops, necessitating the construction of an auxiliary loop at Caladonno (see Ospicio).

The layout was eventually built as shown with the loco yard being included in the goods yard but this was found to be too restricting and so it was removed to the fiddleyard, itself an afterthought to the original Mark II layout. The cramped layout within the street is logically explained by the intensely urban nature of the scene although whether a line as busy as the AFK would have been permitted access to the town square is open to question. The two loops at the bottom of the diagram are electrified on the three phase system which means that care must be taken when planning shunting moves, although it is assumed that the electrics can run a short way off the catenary due to the rechargeable batteries built into their design. Many of the buildings are in place as shells and some were retrieved from the old layout but much work still needs to be done here.
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