Fenditavalat was the Roman capital of Murranaccia province and is the terminus of the AFK. The city lies in Calviero canton and a connection to the CFS, the canton's electrified system was made after WWI. Fenditavalat's predecessor was for many years the only part of the AFK to exist and the current layout was built to replace it with the hope that more of the system could be modelled. This is a dense urban area requiring many buildings all of which take time to complete. It will be many years before Fenditavalat is finished.
Some of the old buildings, notably the chapel and the gatehouse were salvaged, speeding up the reconstruction process.
The chapel is now forty odd years old.
This overview shows the square still awaiting its cobbles.

The electrification was carried out on the three phase system requiring motive power to have four pantographs to function. The arrangements at crossings required dead frogs just as on model railway points! These were made of wood on the prototype. the colour light signal is based on a French pre-war example and displays green for caution. Clear is indicated by white lights. The blue over green at the top indicates which of three routes is set.
This photo, showing a train emerging from the gate, was taken to celebrate the completion of the main line. To mark the occasion the first ever through train was composed of the original stock built in the seventies, although it has all been cascaded into secondary service nowadays. The signal is interlocked with the hidden points, power sections and the cassette and will not clear unless it is safe to proceed.
The rod driven shunter stands below the cathedral which was based on Vezelay.
The end of the line. Another old photograph shows how the line terminates beneath the gatehouse of the Antaupordon. Note the pissoir in the middle of the street!
The shunter pushes wagons into the factory around the sharpest curve on the system.
The goods yard also holds the liqueur store (white) and the glove factory (stone). The old loco shed is visible in the background. This area needs a revamp as the engine shed has ben transferred to the fiddle yard due to space constraints.
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