Breĉo De Glissent

Once the line has left the junction it runs through a gorge in the hills that block easy access to the canton's interior. None of this is modelled. Behind the hills there is a large fertile agricultural plain known as the Kasatritikakamparoj. The fortified village of Breĉo De Glissent  sits upon this plain.
The southern end of the village has been left in abeyance whilst other parts of the layout have been developed. This view, between the trees, shows the railway's entry into the scene with the station's siding in the background.
The line at this point is at the bottom of three levels with the support framing for the area above clearly visible in this photo which, it must be said, can only be obtained by poking the camera into the scene. The gradients prevent the siding rejoining the mainline to form a loop which was the more common approach to continental secondary lines' station design.
As we progress northwards the general layout of the village becomes a little more apparent. The line curves quite sharply behind the gatehouse with the incomplete station building half visible at the left. The randomly parked tractors will eventually be stored in the Co-op's machine store, the card mock-up of which is to the right. Once again a railway bus waits to connect with the train.
The northern end of the village is more complete. Here the 1-B-1 diesel stands on the mainline whilst a peasant woman hoes her plot. The Co-op's buildings and silos are visible in the background and the road sign directs traffic away from the congested village centre.
The 0-4-0TT (tender-tank) shunts wagons alongside the Co-op's main building. The loco is the oldest on the layout, being built in the 1970s. Although the background is incomplete it is obvious that the buildings will be 'flats' set against the backscene.
The Co-operative marks the northern limit of the village and is finished. Two hoppers stand in the siding that extends beyond the worker sneaking 10 minutes in the deck chair. The siding drops steeply to the river bank but as it is covered in long grass the wagons have to be pushed into the lower extremities by hand. The railway has entered the RN424, the main road through the province, as was quite common with continental NG lines.
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