Boursson serves a number of surrounding villages located on the agricultural plain. The local Co-op exports wheat and barley and pigs are forwarded to the slaughterhouse at Lacono. A cannery receives local seasonal products and forwards the processed items, often using SG wagons on transporters.

The track layout was built as planned, although the departure along a village street was changed to a disappearance behind the cannery. The layout is a typical continental arrangement in that there is a passing loop with a double ended siding forming a goods loop next to the station building. The Co-op is served by what might be described as a 'half scissors' for space reasons. These are quite common on the AFK as they enable an industry to be shoe-horned into a small space. The siding capacity of the cannery is limited to 3 vans and so the concrete apron acts as another visible staging area.
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