The Altingablecaŭtoj/Magorsoromban

The line continues to climb but now it has reached a ledge high above the main valleys before turning up a side valley to climb towards the snow sheds near the summit. The area translates as The High Reaches with the Thalnian and Marrongacan names shown above.
Cadsuiane village stands on a promontory high above the station.
The schoolchildren's railcar pulls into Cadsuiane-Fanhuidol. The station is named for the village high above and one far below in the valley.
This early photo shows the proposed alpine style station building with a barn below it to the right.
A train stands over the low bridge over the road leading into the valley.
In a more recent photo the alpine meadow is complete and a peasant woman works outside the barn.
The railcar turns into the side valley alongside the barn. There is another one below the train.
As the train climbs it passes this wayside chapel.....
.... before continuing towards the snowsheds.
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